Yankees Fan Dealing with Disappointment

It appears my last post has stirred up a little East Coast angst in my friend David Harsanyi, the genial libertarian and Denver Post columnist who for the most part is a very sensible, stand-up sort of guy. (Nobody’s perfect.) Well, I may have dashed my chances at getting a free galley copy of his new book Nanny State to review – though there is no denying Harsanyi’s ability to use clever and shameless self-promotion.

I didn’t realize that Harsanyi and I both shared a past as sportswriters – albeit he got to cover the World Series, and I was busy writing about high school track meets and Division II college football.

The best part of this exchange is the sweet, sweet memories of last October and the Yanks’ demise at the hands of the upstart Tigers in the AL divisional playoffs. I can understand why David might still be a little sensitive about it, but at least he has the present and the home-and-home series the two teams share in August. We’ll see who comes out on top after these eight games.


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    Now, it’s been a few years since I covered baseball. But something here doesn’t add up. Hmmm, does the title of this post says “Yankees Fan Dealing with Disappointment”? More like “Tigers Fan Dealing With Loss of Playoff Spot.”

    Aug 16 Detroit L 5-8
    Aug 17 NYY W 6-1
    Aug 18 NYY W 5-2
    Aug 19 NYY W 9-3

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    Touche. What can I say? No excuses. Tigs have to get over their injuries & their doldrums, or there won’t be any playoffs for them this year. As for the Yanks, their timing couldn’t be better. Turn it around, Motown!

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    “No excuses” should have been the last sentence of your post … ’cause the stuff after it are excuses.

    How old were you in 1984? Hope you can savor it.

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    Vindication comes in October. As one of your own once said, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” Until then, the reigning American League champs reside in Motown.

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