We’ll Miss You, Rick

The Rocky Mountain News reports today what was first news to me a couple weeks ago: former Congressional candidate and rising GOP star Rick O’Donnell is moving to Texas to take on a new career challenge.

I first met Rick shortly after I moved to Colorado, while he was working in Governor Owens’ office. Though it’s highly doubtful he remembers our meeting, some of his advice and suggestions were very helpful to me to help get my roots established and to make important contacts. I later had opportunity to interact with him in several education policy-related venues, and volunteered on his unsuccessful 2006 campaign for the 7th Congressional District.

The timing of Rick’s run for Congress was unfortunate, as he got swept up in a nationwide anti-GOP backlash. I hope if someday he considers another run for office (and hopefully after he has moved back to Colorado) it won’t be forgotten what was cited in the story today:

But voters and political pundits in both parties praised O’Donnell’s campaign, particularly the TV ads he designed in which he poked fun at himself.

“I’m sad to see Rick leave,” said Dick Wadhams, chairman of the Colorado Republican Party. “I think he’s one of the best and the brightest.”

“I wish Rick good luck, much success, and I hope he finds Texas to his liking!” Perlmutter said in a statement.

Wadhams said O’Donnell played a “critical role” in Owens’ first term, including pushing for tax cuts, improved transportation and education reform.

Best of success to Rick O’Donnell in his new venture. But don’t stay in Texas too long!

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