The Time for a Fred Comeback Would Be Now

Erick at Red State charts a path for Fred Thompson’s tired campaign to come back and make a surprising resurgence. And let me tell you, I’d be pleased to see him do it. If Colorado’s caucus were held today, Fred would get my vote.

The most recent Rasmussen results show the Centennial State is a wide open playing field for Republican candidates, as a lot of GOP members like myself are adopting a wait-and-see attitude:

Which of the following Republican candidates is most in tune with the attitudes and needs of Colorado?

19% John McCain.

14% Rudy Giuliani

14% Fred Thompson

12% Ron Paul

9% Mike Huckabee

8% Mitt Romney

16% None of the above

8% Not sure

So here’s hoping Fred has really found his stride. Today’s top-notch Des Moines debate performance is a good start (good analysis from John Hawkins at Right Wing News).

Three weeks ago the Colorado for Fred Thompson blog put out an angry, earnest plea for the campaign to turn things around. All has been silent since. I too have been frustrated by the weak grassroots effort, when the candidate himself has been the strongest on the issues; has great ideas and a clear, consistent message; and has only been getting better on the stump.

Is it too late for Thompson? In this election cycle’s volatile Republican primary, probably not. But he should at least give Erick a listen.


  1. says

    What would Fred need to do to make a comeback, and is it already too late?

    Fred, at one point, had 20% national approval… that has gone down to about 10%. So the first question is if those who jumped ship could be courted back, and how?

    Secondly, with arguably one week left to campaign in Iowa before Christmas (and campaigning during Christmas is off-limits), how much headway can Fred make? Once Iowa goes, and Fred will surely not finish in the top two (maybe 3???) and NH offers him a second loss within one week, can he win in SC?

    If Fred goes 0-3 (0-4 if you count Michigan), where does that leave him going into Super Duper Tuesday?

    I think Fred had a great chance, but the absence of momentum may do in his campaign. I am seriously trying to rack my brain on how Fred can pull it out, but I keep coming back to how close it is to Iowa, and how the dominoes are going to start falling quickly after that…

    What do you think? Would it take a Huckabee or Romney nose-dive to bump his numbers? And is it possible in a week?

    Great post!

  2. says

    Good t’ see Ron Paul runnin’ fourth. I’m tempurairly back in th’ Repubbican Party here in Colorader so’s that kin cast my vote fir that ole boy in the upcomin’ primare. The nashnul Libertarian Party is fixin’ to draft Paul, but word is Paul has no “intent” to do a 3rd party run. Some folks ‘r fixed on that word, hopin’ it meant that though he wuzzn’t intendin’ to do so, he might jus’ do if’n he’s asked. That would make for an interestin’ elekshun.

  3. says

    I agree that Thompson seems to be the best candidate. I also agree that his performance in Des Moines was terrific. Reagan actually attributed his “I’m paying for this microphone” comment in New Hampshire to his win in the primary and eventual victory in 1980. The Thompson comment in Des Moines was very comparable, but so far has not seemed to carry the same weight as Reagan’s comment.Reeaganes

  4. Ben says

    All I can say to answer your comment, Steven, is the dynamics of this GOP primary race are wide open. Considering Fred’s late, lackluster start, he couldn’t have asked for things to set up better than they have. Will he take advantage of it and turn things around? I sure have no idea, but I hope he does.

  5. Connie says

    I think anything can happen and all bets are off. Who expected Hillary to start sliding so badly? (Well, we hoped, but did we expect?)

    I’ve been with Fred since the beginning and we’re seeing good things happening for him finally. I want to see him to all the way.

    Fred Thompson is an individual who stands head and shoulders above others in his refusal to pander to get votes. He is an honest no-nonsense thinker who puts America first and the games of politicians last.

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