The Phony “Watchdog Group” That Cried Wolf Before

Today’s Rocky Mountain News gives a platform for partisan criticisms from Colorado Citizens for Ethics in Government (CCEG)’s Chantell Taylor of the Senate Republican website Colorado Senate News. Democrats under the Golden Dome are too clever to launch the same frivolous charges and half-baked conspiracy theories that Taylor has made, yet it’s apparent they are politically allied.

Is there any thing legally or ethically wrong with their political alliance? Of course not. Let’s just be a bit more transparent about it, so people can judge fairly for themselves. As far as Taylor goes, she has been exposed before. When she came forward to hurl ethics accusations against Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez and then-Secretary of State Gigi Dennis during the heat of the campaign, I pointed out how the Denver Post neglected to publish a few facts about her that were easily found in a two-minute Google search.

Yesterday a Colorado Senate News contributor interviewed Taylor and posted the story, a perfectly legitimate practice for a state-paid employee. It involved no electioneering or lobbying, as he pointed out, just attempted to shine some more light on an organization that the media has too often half-accurately portrayed as a “watchdog group.” It shouldn’t be too much to ask that the Post and News also label CCEG as “liberal-leaning” or “Democrat-leaning.”

Chantell Taylor cried wolf last August: should she be trusted so readily this time?

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