Sick Moonbat Spits on Fresh Graves of Murder Victims

Brought to you solely in the interest of heightening awareness of what kind of perverse hatred is out there…

El Presidente is keeping close tabs on the twin violent shooting incidents at Christian facilities today, including the murder of Tiffany Johnson and Philip Crouse. The first – and fatal – attack occurred within close proximity of my home, and thus elicits a strong reaction in itself.

Even so,most disgusting so far is the comment attached to El President’s post, a comment written by an obviously deranged and perverted coward who gives a whole new meaning to “freedom of religion”:

So the shooter killed only two and wounded two others. Too bad he didn’t have more time to get some more. Religious missionaries are very legitimate targets since they stick their noses into other people’s private religious affairs. America needs more shootings like this in the future to put the religious fanatics and loonies in their place.

What an idea: call for the murder of people with whom you disagree. (What, in the name of “tolerance”?) Sounds quite Stalinist to me.

Of course, this kind of rhetoric should be universally denounced by any decent person of any political or philosophical stripe – especially as it comes before the bodies of two young, innocent murder victims have been put in the ground.

Sick. Simply sick. I believe we all could use a little decency, sympathy, and tolerance here. Let’s hope that the perpetrator or perpetrators are brought to justice as soon as possible, and that rabidly homicidal commenters find the repentance we all need and the forgiveness none of us deserves.


  1. TC says

    I can’t believe the things that I have found during my search on the web to find blogs and sites that honor the victims. I know one of the families involved personally and let me tell you what moonbat has said is so far from the truth. I would welcome him to contact the family and get to know them as whats being said is way off base. Tiffany Johnson and her family are AMAZING people and nothing like this persons wants people to believe they are. Tiffany Johnson never stuck her nose so to speak into anyone’s life. She was a 26 year old young lady who enjoyed kids and helping those in need.She always had a smile and would hug a stranger no questions asked. She loved the outdoors,fishing with her father,riding horses and being with family and friends. I have to disagree with sunflower desert and say that moonbat isn’t evil hearted just lost the thing needed most in this messed up world and that reality. For a family to ask to meet with the shooter’s family and offer their forgiveness isnt that of a cult group or anti-gay group as it is being said all over the internet. The internet is a wonderful place to search but I have to admit that it to can be a tool to hurt others in many ways. I only hope that the family members of the victims are not seeing whats being posted hasnt there been enough tragedy and trama for them already?

  2. Ben says

    Thanks, TC. A nice tribute to Tiffany’s life. I met someone the other day whose girlfriend was a good friend of Tiffany’s. Sounds like she was a wonderful person.

    It’s indeed sad to see some people take advantage of evil tragedies like this one to make some kind of cheap, misguided political point.

  3. says

    Yeah, like the Family Research Council, who somehow found fit to blame “secular media” for a crime committed by a kid “raised” (I use the word loosely) in a household which banned “secular media”

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