Schaffer’s In … No, Really, This Time (I Think) … Check Back Later

Update: Yes, he’s in.  Key graf:

“Republicans have lost elections because our leaders have not been bold enough in proposing innovative solutions in Washington and have drifted from our long-held claim to the mantle of fiscal responsibility,” Schaffer said. “Republicans have not fought hard enough for children and public education reform, especially in the inner city where the need has reached crisis status.”

The race is on.

It looks like some of us – me included – jumped the gun on the Bob Schaffer announcement that he would be joining the U.S. Senate race for Colorado’s open seat in 2008. For reasons I explained in my previous post (as well as others), I’ve had a good sense that this announcement was inevitable. It’s just been a matter of timing. And the Coloradoan reports that Schaffer is expected to make an official announcement tonight at the Boulder County Lincoln Day Dinner.

And now the (not-so) serious debate begins: which is a better place to unveil your run for the Senate: Boulder County or Teller County? And why?

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