Polis Trip to Iraq Could Spice Up CD-2 Primary

Liberal Democrat and Colorado Congressional candidate Jared Polis, with whom I frequently disagree on this blog, is to be commended for deciding to take a look at what’s going on in Iraq himself:

Polis, former chairman of the state education board, is leaving today to spend a week with relief agencies, Iraqi civilians and two deployed Colorado lawmakers.

Polis said the point of the trip is to “get a broader picture of what’s going on” in Iraq, not “hold a large turkey for photo ops.”

Contrast Polis’ apparent open-minded with the self-blinding attitude of his chief Democrat primary opponent, who typify the Left’s talking points that dominate with their party in Congress:

Fitz-Gerald’s campaign said the trip isn’t necessary.

“The facts on Iraq are clear and have been,” she said. “We should end the war immediately and bring the troops home. When Jared gets back, I hope that he agrees [sic] me.”

Will the Party establishment and the Left in Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District rally enough to support another candidate with the blinders on? Another Democrat pol with her head in the sand? Maybe someone should subscribe Fitz-Gerald to the dispatches of Michael Yon or Michael Totten. Or how about a front-page glimpse (believe it or not, at last!) at today’s New York Times.

Look, Polis’ trip to Iraq may turn out to be all for show. But then again he may be genuine, in which case I hope he takes time to meet with some of our enlisted troops, our young officers, as well as local Iraqi leaders and tribal chiefs. Who knows? He might end up getting a taste of the Brian Baird treatment.

If Polis dares to talk about the progress taking place in Iraq before the primary election, he may incur the wrath of MoveOn.org and the other well-heeled doctrinaire defeatists who are fighting for the helm of the Democrat Party. Then again, Polis has plenty of his own cash, too.

This could turn out to be an interesting race in Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District. But only if one or more of the candidates is willing to make a grown-up assessment of our Middle East foreign policy by going to really look for himself.

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