My Brother the Hero

My big brother the police officer has been recognized for his heroism above and beyond the call of duty (please read the whole article):

A Jefferson County police officer is being hailed as a hero for going beyond the call of duty and saving the life of a woman trapped inside a sinking car.

Brad Degrow become a police officer for the excitement, but never expected a March call that brought an experience he never imagined.

“One of the things that drew me to this job,” Degrow said, “you never know what’s going to happen today or tomorrow.”

My brother is mostly embarrassed at all the attention, which is why it’s my job to shine a little more light on his heroic deed. The Colorado branch of the DeGrow clan are all proud of you, Brad!

Last week was National Police Week – let’s not take for granted the important work the good men and women in blue perform to help keep us safe.


  1. says

    Most excellent, Ben! Great job, Brad!

    I definitely appreciate the commitment of so many law enforcement officers out there.

    Ed Hanks

  2. says


    You should be very proud. In today’s society these kinds of ‘physical’, heroic opportunities are pretty rare. And when they do happen it is an even rarer individual that will step forward and actually risk it all for someone else.

    Thank him for me and tell him how much we all admire him.

  3. Jane Pierpont says

    Praise the Lord for His hand on Brad…Isn’t HE wonderful.

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