MSM’s Eerie Silence over Political Progress in Iraq

Ed Morrissey at Captain’s Quarters tackles the MSM’s eerie silence over a major development of political progress in Iraq:

Let’s say we’re at war, and we’re waiting for some specific action to take place to show us that our efforts are succeeding. Add in that the war itself would be rather controversial and that our political class is split as to whether we will ever see that specific action take place. Imagine that Congress and the White House have scheduled a showdown in the next couple of weeks to determine how much longer we will wait for that development.

Now imagine that the specific action for which we’ve waited actually occurs. Where would you think that story appear in Washington’s biggest newspaper?

Read the whole piece at CQ: It’s truly breathtaking. In the past couple weeks, many Democrats in Congress grudgingly admitted that General Petraeus’ surge strategy was yielding military progress, but that the political situation was disastrous. Few have stopped to reason that the dynamic of central government in Iraq is a lagging indicator. Now the Iraq unity government is meeting some of their precious benchmarks: will they be able to ignore it for long? How will the liberal spin machine downplay this development?

We await responses from the offices of Sens. Carl Levin, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, and John Warner, among others.

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