Memo to Those Who Have Yet to Join the Digital TV World

Anyone like me, trapped in the dark ages of having a television set not equipped to receive digital signals, ought to read this (though with more than 18 months to go, it seems hardly the time to panic):

On Feb. 18, 2009, tens of millions of televisions that are not equipped to receive digital signals will become useless pieces of furniture. The government is spending $5 million to let owners know so they can do something about it — not enough, critics say.

While the government has committed $1.5 billion for viewers to spend on converter boxes that will translate digital signals for older televisions, it is largely relying on the broadcast industry to spread the word about the changeover.

The critics are wrong: It shouldn’t be the government’s job. It is indeed in the interest of broadcast corporations to notify consumers. And some might even add the occasional mention by random bloggers, too. Just thought you ought to know.

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