Media Matters Acknowledges Democrats’ Marriage to Defeat

An irrelevant left wing “watchdog” group named Media Matters has reprinted the comments of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer on Greeley’s Amy Oliver Show. The key excerpt of Schaffer’s comments highlighted by Media Matters goes as follows:

“I think it’s foolish to behave the way you see people like Harry Reid and other, others who are leading the Senate right now, that I think are trying to, at the end, the analysis of their achievement and what they are effectively accomplishing is a deliberate loss and a surrender in Iraq for the sake of their political advantage at election time in 2008. I think they’re hoping America loses.”

The comments were reported and repeated uncritically, which can only lead an open-minded observer to believe that the comments are accepted as true and reliable. On this major point of foreign policy, it’s good to see Media Matters at least be frank and honest about its preferred political party’s leadership in Congress.

There’s no need to rehearse the long train of public statements and political behavior of Democrat Congressional leaders that indicates an unwillingness to achieve victory in Iraq. Media Matters must have finally started Googling its way around the Net and come to the same obvious conclusion that so many others have found for themselves: The Democratic Party is married to defeat. I’m glad to see we at least have the beginnings of a bipartisan recognition now – even if it originates from an irrelevant group.

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