McInnis is Out

It’s now official. I like the headline over at the Coloradoan: “McInnis abandons Senate race; ‘all eyes’ on Schaffer.” That Schaffer would be the next focus makes sense and jives with the test poll results of Colorado Republican political insiders here at Mount Virtus.

As of 9:00 PM MDT, with 48 votes cast, the rankings are: Bob Schaffer – 27 (56%); Bill Owens – 6 (13%); Tom Tancredo – 5 (10%); Scott McInnis – 3 (6%); Mike Coffman, Marc Holtzman, and Bob Beauprez – 2 each (4%); Dan Caplis – 1 (2%). Considering the fact that Owens and Tancredo are mostly wishful thinking, McInnis has bowed out, and Republicans will be reluctant to embrace either Holtzman or Beauprez after last year’s divisive primary, I think the field is clear for Schaffer to step up and run. If he decides the conditions are not right, maybe a Coffman or John Suthers (currently at 0 votes in the poll) would be put forward to take on Udall. Retired General Bentley Rayburn (also at 0 votes) could be viewed as a darkhorse.

Have faith, Political Pale Horse. Count me in with El Presidente’s “Draft Schaffer” campaign (he’s also all over the paranoid Leftist responses at Political Avalanche): It won’t be my first, and I’m proud to join it.

Don’t forget … whispers of McInnis’ announcement first appeared here. Thanks to a reliable source for sharing the information, and thanks to To the Right & others for the kudos.

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