Lefties and HB 1072: They Just Don’t Get It

The collectivist gang at SquareState doesn’t get it, but what’s new?

HB 1072 a victory for workers? Are they serious? I shouldn’t be terribly surprised that they don’t know the difference between union bosses and the rank and file. People like this commenter are living in another century:

I think some of the “business community” may overestimate how in touch they are with the mainstream of Colorado. Having a very public fight where the Republicans play their traditional role of standing up for the big guy, while Democrats slug it out for the little guy, can only help the Democrats. Just look at the Republicans put up amendment after amendment that are obviously designed to screw the union in any way possible, from full blown “right to work” to requiring the union to have face to face meetings with each member to explain the union shop contract to them.

I invite any of the Square State diarists who want to come over here and leave a comment for the public, explaining clearly and rationally how HB 1072 improves life for your average worker in Colorado.

HB 1072 indirectly affects employers, who may lose leverage at the bargaining table, but it directly affects workers by taking away their choices. The only way in which it empowers workers who support union representation is to coerce those who disagree with them.

And yes, HB 1072 has the potential to be bad for business, too – which means not only bad for “the big guy” (you know, this guy) but also bad for small business owners, bad for investors, bad for consumers – you know, “the little guy.” The only party we can be sure will benefit from HB 1072 are the leaders of labor organizations, their paid activists, and the elected officials who live off their donations.

Union numbers declining in Colorado? Can’t persuade the workers how they will be benefited by union representation? Pass a bill that robs their voice from the process and makes it easier to shackle them to an organization to which they object. The Lefties at SquareState and other places can spin the bill until the proverbial cows come home, but they can’t cover the fact that what they’re really doing is building up the coffers of organized labor at the expense of individual voices who would rather choose an organization more in touch with them (perhaps an independent association to bargain for them) or who would choose to market their own skills in the marketplace.

These are many of the same people who wear the badge “pro-choice” with pride, yet the only choice they believe the little guy deserves is to agree with what’s best for them. And the high-and-mighty Left seems to know what’s best for them.

No, the folks at SquareState and their ilk don’t get it. Coloradans specifically, and Westerners more generally, largely tend to favor freedom and initiative and self-determination. I would suggest they are the ones who underestimate their fellow citizens.

Their side has overplayed its hand and has just begun to awaken an anger among the state’s conservative and independent grassroots. They may win the battle by passing HB 1072, but I suggest they savor it. It won’t last long.


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