It’s Official: Romney is In

I haven’t written much about the presidential campaign here. (I resisted the urge to comment on Obama’s invocation of Abraham Lincoln in his formal announcement this past weekend.) You know, all these candidates are entering the race – Democrats & Republicans – seemingly faster than rabbits reproduce. (I’m waiting for the North Dakota agriculture commissioner to form an exploratory committee – ha, ha.)

So much is speculation now. I’m not even entirely sure we’ve taken a good glimpse at the eventual nominees yet (who in the heck knew Bill Clinton in February 1991 – and who was Lincoln but a recently defeated candidate for the U.S. Senate in February 1859?). Okay, I’m pretty sure the Democrat nominee is going to be one of the current frontrunners, but I’m less confident about the Republican side.

That being said, I have been following the Mitt Romney candidacy with interest. Tomorrow morning, my fellow native Michigander officially tosses his hat into the ring. What will come of it … who knows? But I continue to observe from afar.

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