I’m Back … Ritter, Wadhams, a Crazy 2007 Comes

First of all, the break is over. I come back to blogging older (literally) and wiser (my wife may disagree), and ready for the trench warfare of Colorado politics that commences today – fully aware that our side is outnumbered in the local blogosphere but undaunted by the challenge.

Kudos to our new governor Bill Ritter. I wish him good health and personal happiness, though not so much political success. This blog will do its part to hold him to account and to make sure he and the legislature are doing what’s best for the people of Colorado, not special interest groups.

On Ritter’s big day, the Denver Post gives a little space to report that earlier rumors indeed were true: Dick Wadhams has his eyes on the state party chairmanship.

Lefty Wendy Norris over at Colorado Confidential wastes no time in assailing Wadhams for “his brutal slash-and-burn tactics against political journalists” and his penchant to work for “dull-witted candidates packaged as common guys.” (Translation? Lefties prefer conservative Republicans to be docile and mild-mannered, not crafty and wildly ambitious like themselves. Just when everything was going their way to perpetuate Democrat dominance in the Centennial State, the talented and successful Wadhams – dubbed “Rove 2.0” – has put a little knot in their stomachs that’s sure to grow bigger over time.)

Republicans in this state would be crazy to reject the savvy Wadhams, unless they want to be relegated to the Country Clubs, Church Socials, and House & Senate Minority Offices for years to come. Of course, as I said before, leaning all the weight of political hopes & dreams on Wadhams is a recipe for disaster. His arrival may be a necessary, but certainly not sufficient, element of conservative GOP revival in Colorado. Time to roll up our sleeves.



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