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    Though I disagree with giving microphones to campaign staffers of the opposing field of candidates, one thing is being missed here: These are questions from US citizens to their (hopefully) next president. Though the Dems would NEVER allow such a thing to happen, and would have insisted on screening ALL questioners, the Republicans should stand up and state, very clearly, that they are not afraid to answer the questions of those with opposing views, in fact we welcome it! We are not trying to pick a president for the GOP, but a president for the USA… unlike the Democrats!

    By all this complaining in the post debate, we have missed a genuine opportunity to say “Look, we welcome dialogue with BOTH sides of the aisle… come, let us reason together!”

    on another note, did anyone happen to find out who that handsom chap was asking the question about Space Exploration? Oh… me? Really 🙂

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    Congratulations on getting your question included. Very well done.

    I tend to agree with your assessment, except this is a Republican primary process for Republican voters to choose a Republican candidate to represent them in next year’s general election. People who are committed supporters – or even official campaign workers – of Democrat candidates don’t belong in this process.

    If a legitimate reason for them to ask questions did exist, CNN could at least have been transparent about it. But they failed to disclose and undermined their own credibility in the process.

    There will be plenty of time to engage voters of all sides in the general election.

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