HB 1072 Veto “Politically Smart”

You can say that again. Frankly, Governor Ritter was left with little choice – nix the labor bill or flush away much of the rest of his agenda. Give him credit: Ritter shrewdly has taken everyone by surprise with his fatherly veto of HB 1072 (“now, now, labor & business … you two need to stop bickering and get along”).

Meanwhile, as the Lefties at SquareState are wetting themselves in anger (“What’s the matter with you, Ritter? We were trying to show all the little people out there that we’re on their side. After all, we know what’s best for them… mushy-minded, socialist groupthink, and nannyist State worship”), a good-natured squabble ensues on the Right to take credit for the defensive victory. As the author of this little publication, and having helped my organization to speak out clearly on this issue, I am biased toward this claim cited in the Rocky article:

“We led the campaign to educate Coloradans how this proposal would have taken choices away from workers,” bragged Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute.

Well said. Now, ladies and gentlemen, we can wait and see whether more destructive legislation comes down the pike this year. Hold on. Brace yourselves. But have faith: Colorado’s voice of individual liberty will still be there.

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