Harsanyi: Why Not Ask Voters First?

The Post‘s David Harsanyi hit another homerun today, assailing Governor Ritter and most Democrats in the state legislature for shoving a tax increase down the voters’ throats. Here’s a taste of the brilliant, sharp analysis:

Ritter claims he was elected to solve problems. And by “solve problems,” politicians mean spending more money. In this case, Ritter says the funds are needed to help cash-starved schools – despite evidence that offering blank checks to wasteful school bureaucracies does not help children. But let’s consider for a moment that the governor is right.

Why is Ritter so terrified of bringing such a no-brainer to the people?

The governor is no dope.

Maybe he feels that Coloradans have heard one too many apocalyptic tales. I mean, how many looming tragedies can we take?

And as this week’s debate in the Senate highlighted, nothing in the bill – just a few empty promises – assures anyone that the state dollars freed up by raising local property taxes will be spent on public schools or will be used to “rescue” the State Education Fund. It’s basically a blank check for legislators to spend on top of an already record $18 billion budget. But “it’s for the children….”

Puh-lease. After you’ve read Harsanyi’s column, if your blood pressure can still take hearing more, I invite you to tune in to Independent Thinking (KBDI 12) this Friday, 8:30 PM, repeated Sunday at 11:30 AM – with host Jon Caldara and Deputy Attorney General Jason Dunn and some other guy as guests.
Also check out Vince Carroll’s explanation of how Colorado Democrats may have inflicted serious, long-term political damage on themselves.

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