Harsanyi Highlights Ritter’s High-Stakes Mismanagement

Just in case you missed it, you may wish to check out the latest example of high-stakes mismanagement from Colorado’s Democratic Governor Bill Ritter:

What are we to make of Gov. Bill Ritter’s swift firing of Chris Olson, his original choice to head the Division of Emergency Management? The administration refuses to answer virtually any queries on the matter – which tells us plenty.

Only a few short weeks ago, Ritter sent out a news release fawning over Olson’s “commitment to emergency management, his longtime experience in public safety and service to the community …”

Yet, when The Post sounded the alarm regarding Olson’s troubling history – including a domestic-violence call summoning police to his home, a civil-rights violation and a no-confidence vote from employees, among other interesting tidbits – Ritter dumped Olson faster than you could say “Both Ways Bob.”

Now the governor’s office calls the whole debacle a “confidential personnel matter.”

Oh, if only it were so easy.

As is often the case, Denver Post columnist David Harsanyi is on top of the story.

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