Hardly a Surprise: CEA Officials Caught in a Lie

The Denver Post reports today that State Representative Kent Lambert (R-Colorado Springs) has filed a lobbyist-ethics complaint against the Colorado Education Association for spreading misinformation about the Governor’s property-tax measure before the legislature:

He cited an e-mail Mason sent to eight CEA members and a CEA website posting as including the misleading statements. According to Lambert, Mason and the CEA are saying the proposal, which was added Monday to the annual funding bill for schools, would “take pressure off future cuts to K-12” and “is NOT a tax increase.”

Of course, both statements are untrue. Amendment 23 protects K-12 from any potential future cuts – even before Amendment 23, K-12 rarely received a funding cut. And the proposal increases property taxes for homeowners and business owners in more than 100 of Colorado’s 178 school districts.

That CEA leaders got caught in a lie is hardly earth-shattering news. It’s highly doubtful anything will come from the formal ethics complaint, but it does make for a mildly entertaining news story on a Wednesday.

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