Giving a Hearty Second to “Colorado Call to Action”

Coloradans need to be more aware of and engaged with what’s going on at the state legislature, especially when economic freedom, educational choice, individual rights, and good judgment are regularly under attack by the Democratic majority. Hello … are you paying attention?

Well, to help facilitate more interest in the goings on under Denver’s Golden Dome, I commend you to check out Backbone America’s “Colorado Call to Action” on 710 AM KNUS. I’d be interested to hear from someone who got a chance to tune in for this evening’s 7 PM debut, since I was occupied at the time.

Of course, if you’re a reader of some of Colorado’s active center-right blogs – like Best Destiny, View from a Height, The Daily Blogster, Exvigilare, Slapstick Politics, Backbone America, Colorado Senate News, The Colorado Index, Colorado Conservative Project, Colorado Charter Schools, Clear Commentary, A Line of Sight, Mark Hillman, right here at Mount Virtus, or others – you’re already much better informed about state issues than most.

But it might just be another way to get your Colorado friends and family members tuned in to important legislative decisions that have an effect on our lives. Thanks to John Andrews and KNUS for their important project.

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