Get a Life, Lefties

Via the Denver Post today, another example of Colorado’s liberal/Lefty activist blogger community with not enough to occupy their time and interest this slow news August: “Schaffer’s ‘if’ stirs a ruckus.” The only people who have stirred a ruckus are the usual suspects. Here is a voice of reason quoted in the Post story, basically saying “What’s the big deal here?”:

…Bob Loevy, professor of political science at Colorado College, said excessively long campaigns lead to extreme scrutiny of candidates’ words. The Senate election is more than a year away.

“My feeling is that he misspoke, the campaign manager corrected it and that’s the end of it,” Loevy said.

My only quibble with the story is its failure to identify the undisputed liberal nature and Democrat ties of the blog that continues to pounce on this issue:

Still, some political watchers interpreted the comment as an opening for Schaffer to back out of the campaign.

Bloggers at, a website for discussions of Colorado politics, latched onto Schaffer’s words as evidence that Schaffer is waffling.

Can you imagine the Post writing a hypothetical story about me and other Rocky Mountain Alliance blogs questioning something Mark Udall was quoted saying in the press, and the story not mention that we lean conservative and Republican? Of course not. I think it would only be fair for our political leanings to be mentioned in that context.

Then again, such transparency in this case would lead us to see how much Colorado’s Lefty activist bloggers really lack something valuable to do in the dog days of summer. But we already knew that.

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