Democrats Attempt to Deceive about Tax Hike Scheme

Earlier this year Colorado Democrats violated the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights by raising your taxes without asking your permission. Then, feeling a bit guilty perhaps, they are caught in a deceitful ad campaign to cover up their folly. Face the State observed the message coming on behalf of Senator Suzanne Williams, D-Aurora, but I’ve also seen the message coming on behalf of Senator Betty Boyd, D-Lakewood.

The occasional reminders may seem repetitive, but I want to make sure more and more Coloradans clearly see the danger of having handed the purse strings of state government over to the Democrats.

To drive the point home, please read from the following:

– June 18: “Consequences of supporting a property tax increase”

– June 6: “Four weeks since Ritter hiked your property taxes”

– May 10: “Ritter signs property tax hike, sticks finger in taxpayers’ eyes”

– May 9: “Yes, it’s time to sue: arrogant tax hike leaves little choice”

– May 3: “iVoices: Hear AG Suthers explain need for vote on tax hike”

– May 3: “Harsanyi: Why not ask voters first?”

– May 1: “Colorado Dems ram through bill, snub voters, raise taxes”

– April 25: “Colorado schools keep raising funds from property taxes”

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