Coffman In, Wiens Out

Pertaining to the Republican race to replace Tom Tancredo in the 6th Congressional District, my earlier observations were confirmed: Secretary of State Mike Coffman indeed is in, and State Senator Tom Wiens is out (from a press release mailed out this morning):

Colorado state Sen. Tom Wiens, R-Castle Rock, announced today that he will seek re-election to a second term in the Colorado State Senate and will not be a candidate for the sixth congressional seat being vacated by retiring Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo.

“I believe I can have a more positive impact on the future of Colorado by continuing to serve in the State Senate than by being a member of Congress,” Wiens said. “This has become even more clear to me given the events of the last several days in which we have seen our Democrat governor practicing government by fiat, ignoring the best interests of the people and bypassing the entire legislative process.  Governor Ritter is clearly placing the interests of his political benefactors above the interests of the people.”

The primary race for the safe Republican seat now appears to be mainly between Coffman and State Senator Ted Harvey.


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    Knowing both men personally, we would be well represented either way. Unfortunately, as has been the source of discussion surrounding Coffman’s run, his seat will surely be given to a Democrat, and the GOP will lose an important seat in the State Capital.

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    Yes, I brought up that point before. I share your sentiments, having met both men. Let’s hope for a good, clean primary.

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