Bob Schaffer Speaks Out

The thoroughly accomplished former Congressman Bob Schaffer – a man of great character, integrity, and insight – was the guest on the most recent edition of the Aaron Harber Show. It’s too late to catch the televised broadcast, but I highly recommend that anyone interested in the political culture and direction of Colorado and our nation catch the episode online (note: current version of Windows Media Player needed).

In my opinion, Schaffer accurately diagnoses the causes of the 2006 Republican defeat in Colorado. He also clearly explains how the primary reason for recent GOP shortcomings relates to the guiding factor weighing on his current decision whether to run for U.S. Senate in 2008. I sincerely hope that he finds the conditions right to throw his hat in the ring to replace Wayne Allard. I don’t think the Colorado GOP could nominate a better candidate.

So if you haven’t seen the episode, it’s time to go watch it already. What are you waiting for?

I’d love to hear your feedback, especially as this blog begins to delve into the dynamics of the 2008 U.S. Senate election. As one who likes to discuss political matters in terms of real alternatives and likelihoods, let me first assert that the choice here is not between a Schaffer candidacy and an uncontested primary, for if Schaffer declines to run, it’s almost certain someone else would fill the vacuum – for the right or wrong reasons. So let the debate begin, and let’s keep it clean.

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    Hey Ben,
    Thanks for bringing this video to us. I was a delegate to the Colorado Republican Convention in 2004, and I went there not knowing whom I would support between Coors and Schafer. Coors blew Schafer away at the convention. Message? Schafer had none! There was just no comparison in terms of the substance of the issues they presented. Unfortunately, that did not translate to a victory in November.

    Because Schafer was such a huge disappointment at the state convention, it is hard for me to be enthusiastic about him now.

    The potential candidate who interests me the most at present is Dan Caplis. I like Dan’s passion and his stands on the issues. I think he is a far better communicator than Schaffer, who looks down a lot while he is talking.

    Ramey Johnson is a former state representative from the district I live in here in Golden. She has told me that Schafer was behind the negative campaign against her in the last two election cycles. There was a lot of really snarky stuff that was mailed out in the last two weeks of those two campaigns, and none of them had a signature affixed to the mailings. If she is correct that it was Schafer and a very wealthy guy employing Schafer, then I cannot respect him. The wealthy guy lives in the southern portion of the metro area and I think his name begins with a “C”, but I cannot remember it now. If you do not like someone, say why, and sign your name.

    I agree with his McCain reference to the first amendment (with the caveat that people need to sign their name to mailings, whether it is within or without 60 days before the elections).

    I thought he shorted Giuliani unfairly. Giuliani cleaned up New York, putting away a lot of criminals and getting rid of a lot of things that needed to be gotten rid of, such as the smut shops on Time Square. He accomplished much, especially in the realm of crime, way before September 11, 2001. He pushed adoption as an alternative to abortion, and adoption is something very near and dear to me, as my wife and I are adoptive and foster parents.

    I am certainly open to supporting Schafer. I homeschool my children, and I would like to hear more specifically what he would change in the way we educate our kids. I think he would stand up to the teacher unions, who really are running the show in Colorado.

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    I also liked what Schafer had to say about “a deeper respect” for America because of the principled stands taken by President Bush and our troops. I think he is right. And that is so contrary to what Democrats like Gary Hart have to say.

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    Mr. Agard,

    Thanks for sharing your comments. My quick responses:

    1. I was at the 2004 convention, too, and it seems to me that we weren’t at the same event. Schaffer had no message, and Coors blew Schaffer away? I guess there is just a huge gulf between our perceptions.

    2. I am aware of the Ramey Johnson incident. You should look to get the other side of this distorted story. Especially if you are looking for someone to “stand up to the teacher unions.”

    3. Dan Caplis? I bet if you asked Mr. Caplis himself, that he would be throwing his support behind Schaffer should he decide to run. What concerns me about Caplis, a very good and decent man, are his positions on fiscal issues and his lack of campaign experience. “A far better communicator” than Schaffer? What can I say?

    It appears to me somewhere along the line you have been inculcated with some sort of anti-Schaffer bias. Unfortunately, the reasons you stated don’t hold up. May I recommend you take a closer look at the man and his career.

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    Your point about Ramey Johnson and teachers’ unions is well taken. I know that she was supported by the teachers unions in her first campaign against Green, because I asked her directly and she acknowledged that it was true.

    But please do not ignore my point about the integrity issue involved in signing one’s name if one is denigrating a candidate with glossy, distorted mailings in the last week of a campaign. First amendment or no first amendment, it is a sleazy practice, and maybe that is why John McCain (mistakenly) joined lefty Feingold to try to stop the sleaze.

    Nobody inculcated me. I told Ramey that if she would not exhibit independence from the teachers union, she would not get my vote. I am open to learning more about Schafer and his career. As I said, I do like what I have heard him say about education and what Bush has achieved internationally in terms of deeper respect for America.

    Maybe we sat on opposite sides of the arena during the convention! Thanks again for opening a discussion and inviting comments.

  5. Bill says

    How can you spend so much time talking about Bob Schaffer (who had his chance — and lost) and not spend a minute talking about someone who can actually hold the seat for the GOP — Scott McInnis? While I might not agree with Scott on every issue, he has close to $1 million in the bank and people around the state know and respect him. Give it some thought…

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