Blogger Eyes on Washington: Moving Forward on Immigration

All eyes are on Washington this morning and the second cloture vote that seems increasingly likely to kill the bad “comprehensive immigration reform” bill. If Senators of both parties would listen to the mainstream people of this country from across the political spectrum, it seems they would hear this simple message: Give clear evidence that border security is being addressed as a top priority, and then we can debate other issues – how to deal with the illegal aliens already here, expanding the guest worker program, et al.

The large majority of Americans who oppose the bill are not nativists or racists and don’t wish to be patronized by elected officials – be they Democrat or Republican (that includes you, Sen. Lindsay Graham). The bill’s supporters a) work behind closed doors and b) inability to cogently defend their creation on specific points of disagreement has only hamstrung their cause.
I’ll be happy when the cloture vote fails to reach 60 today, but I’ll be happier when the federal government begins taking border enforcement seriously so we can start having a real and serious debate about reforming the immigration system.

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