Big Government Health Care Looming for Colorado

Colorado, get ready for Hillarycare, Bill Ritter-style. The Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Healthcare Reform has narrowed its proposals for changing the state’s healthcare system down to four. As the Rocky Mountain News reports, all would bring increased taxes and government control:

“We’re disappointed,” Lin Zen-ser, of Freedom and Individual Rights in Medicine, said at a news conference announcing the four plans. “They take away the freedoms of individuals and doctors.”

The presence of a lone dissenting voice on the commission was not enough to bring forward any proposals that would have promoted freedom:

Commissioner Linda Gorman, from the free-market Independence Institute in Golden, disagreed with the four selected plans, and said she doesn’t think anyone can estimate with any certainty how many Coloradans would still be uninsured. [Disclosure: Linda is my colleague at the Institute.]

One of the four proposals will be recommended for the state legislature to debate next January. Brace yourselves, fellow Coloradans.

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