Best Read of the Day: A Question for “Back Room Ritter”

My friend and colleague Jessica Peck Corry hits the nail on the head today with some important questions for our governor, listing the growing number of cases where Colorado voters are scratching their heads and asking “Back Room Ritter” what the secrecy is all about:

Earlier this year, Ritter remained silent after a Denver District Judge scolded officials from Ritter’s Department of Public Health and the Attorney General’s office for violating constitutional mandates regarding open meetings. The judge ruled that this government coalition had violated the Constitution by meeting in secret to set arbitrary limits on sick and dying patients seeking relief under the Colorado’s voter-implemented medical marijuana program.

And now Ritter is again back in court. Recent open records requests reveal that his administration has met with union officials to develop a secret joint-strategy to force compulsory unionization on public employees. While Ritter handed over some information related to the meetings, he is seeking court relief after refusing to release at least one key document still in his possession.

While frustrating to government watchers, Ritter’s actions should be expected in the aftermath of the 2006 election, where he pulled the bait-and-switch of the century. Campaigning with the financial backing of union contributors and committees, he convinced industry leaders that he’d be a pro-business executive

Read the whole thing.

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