Be Gracious to the Left: Let Them Know the Weekend is Here

Readers of my blog, you may consider sending a sympathy card (or e-card) to SquareState’s Luis and his Lefty friends. As he tells us, they’ve had a rough week. The immigration amnesty bill died (and still he blames Bush!), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against racial discrimination, and a Colorado court refused to overrule the parental consent requirement for minor abortions.

Hey, look, in the rough-and-tumble world of politics and public policy, any of us can have a bad week from time to time. Last November was particularly unpleasant for those of us of a more conservative persuasion. So please consider, in the spirit of graciousness and magnanimity, letting a liberal near you know that the weekend is here and that next week is certain not to be so devastating.

There’s no reason to make serious political differences a justification for deep personal animosity. Quite the opposite. Go out of your way to do something good and kind to them.

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