Another Big Thumbs Up to Fred

Pejman Yousefzadeh (PJ, for short) over at Red State writes an eloquent endorsement for Fred Thompson to be our next President (H/T El Presidente). Let me officially second his statement:

Many writers, in praising Thompson, have indicated that one of the more laudable things about his candidacy is that he is more interested in doing something than he is in being somebody. This is true. Ambition is a good thing to have but far too many politicians make ambition an end in and of itself. For Thompson, ambition is a means to an end–a means to implementing the policy positions he and other Reagan Republicans care about so deeply. That having been written, Thompson owes it to his supporters to vigorously campaign for the Presidency of the United States. People like me have invested a lot of hope in Thompson’s candidacy as being the truest campaign there is to the principles of Reaganism. Reaganism deserves a forceful, articulate, tireless and compelling champion for its philosophy. If Thompson is willing to be that candidate, if he is ambitious not for himself but for the beliefs he holds and for the country which can benefit mightily from the application of those beliefs, his candidacy can serve as a powerful standard to which Republicans can rally. And more importantly, it can lead to a Presidency of success and promise.

If you’re a Republican primary voter who is undecided, or at least open-minded, you should read the entire thing: including PJ’s well-placed quotes and citations. Now is the time for a little “Fred-mentum” (or something like that). The compelling arguments are similar to the ones that led me to the same conclusion. The Hollywood actor has the most substantive and the most coherently conservative campaign. Go figure. But it’s hard to deny.

It’s time to stop the hand shows and to vote Fred Thompson for President. The time for his comeback is now.

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