The last time our calendars turned to Tuesday, September 11, a day arrived that America will never forget. We reeled in shock and horror at the immense magnitude of human tragedy and the terrible spectacle of giant symbolic man-made structures toppled into dust. Soon, we would be moved by remarkable acts of heroism and sacrifice – firefighters racing into the stairwells of the Twin Towers, the nameless passengers and crew of United 93.

Six years have passed. Except for those whose lives or loved ones were touched directly by the evil al-Qaeda attack, the sting has largely worn off. Our resolve to defend Western Civilization and the American ideal against the Islamofascist ideology of mass murder has waned (look at what is taught in so many Colorado schools to commemorate today), yet thank God that many brave heroes remain to serve and to sacrifice. We are all truly indebted to them.

We do not know our nation’s future course, but on this Patriot Day we can be reminded to do our citizen duty: to do all in our power to defend American honor, to be firm “in the right as God gives us to see the right,” to cherish and to help preserve “the last best hope of earth.”

The last time our calendars turned to Tuesday, September 11, was a horrible, unforgettable day. May today be solemn and inspiring, but far, far less memorable.

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