CDOT “Partnership” Success Begs Questions about Ritter Order

The Pueblo Chieftain's Charles Ashby reports (H/T Mike Saccone) that Gov. Bill Ritter and the Democrats are trotting out a Republican state department chief as safe cover for his executive order: A Republican Cabinet member in Gov. Bill Ritter's administration already has found the governor's plan to "partner" with state workers beneficial to running his de- partment. But Russell George, executive director of the Colorado Department of Transportation, would have done that anyway, the former GOP House speaker said. "It's very much in my nature to want to know the people I work with," said George, who previously was head of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources under former Gov. Bill Owens. "So, as I got here, I would have … [Read more...]

More Sirota Selective Deception

Repeating himself at the Dead Governors site and at the Denver Post blog, Lefty political hit man David Sirota plies his latest act of deception with the headline: "Business to CO GOP: 'Where's The Evidence' To Back Up Attacks On Ritter?" Sirota links to a Denver Business Journal piece titled "Mixed reaction to union order" to make his point. The problem? First, Sirota willfully ignores the obvious split in the business community between the self-interested and conflict-averse Chamber of Commerce sector and the more entrepreneurial, independent-minded small business sector. Sirota cherry-picks the apathetic responses of the former (you can read his posts for the excerpts) and disregards the strong anger from the latter: One of the … [Read more...]

Debunking One Lefty Lie about Ritter’s Executive Order

Rather than take on all the lies and distortions in the debate over Gov. Bill Ritter's unionization executive order en masse, it makes more sense to deal with them one at a time. For starters, in two previous posts (here and here), I highlighted the internal contradictions and patent inaccuracies in the Left's attempt to deny that the order constitutes "collective bargaining." Lefty political hit man David Sirota, who recently appeared on a TV show hosted by my boss Jon Caldara at the Independence Institute, told this to his "progressive" buddies at the national Left-wing echo chamber known as Huffington Post: The most absurd attack on Ritter is the one that claims he acted in secret - even though, of course, he campaigned on a pledge … [Read more...]

Liberal Post Writer Gets Issues Behind Ritter’s Executive Order

On Friday I highlighted the Left-labor-Democrat coalition's internal confusion about whether or not Gov. Ritter's executive order constitutes collective bargaining. Over the weekend, Denver Post editorialist Bob Ewegen - who has actually earned a degree in labor relations - set the record straight with some important observations: The ground rules for collective bargaining in the private sector are spelled out in the 1935 National Labor Relations Act, which does not cover public employees. Ritter's order basically paraphrases those federal regulations to apply to state (but not city or county) employees. The NLRA specifies how unions can be certified as "exclusive bargaining agents" for eligible employees in a specific workplace … [Read more...]

Ritter’s Executive Order: Is it Collective Bargaining or Not?

It's been kind of funny to watch the Democratic Party coalition in Colorado dance around the term "collective bargaining" since last Friday afternoon's executive order from Gov. Bill Ritter. Here is a sample: Denver Post (11/4/07): "Mitch Ackerman, president of Service Employees International Union Local 105, called the partnership with Kaiser a '21st century model of collective bargaining,' a departure from the traditionally adversarial relationship between managers and workers." Colorado Federation of Public Employees Press Release (11/6/07): "Union Leader Says Partnership is Not Collective Bargaining" Bill Ritter, Rocky Mountain News Speakout (11/6/07): "Twenty-nine states provide collective-bargaining rights to their employees. … [Read more...]

Harsanyi on Indoctrination into “Ritter’s Fantastical World”

On Monday I wrote about Gov. Ritter's plan to impose Greenhouse Global Warming hysteria on Colorado's public school classrooms. David Harsanyi's Denver Post column today explores the issue with more skilled and entertaining prose: Not long ago, Ritter assembled the P-20 Education Coordinating Council to foster a "seamless education system from pre-school to grad- school." Nowhere in the literature of the P-20 Education Coordinating Council - and I've looked far and wide - does it mention anything about the educational system being used to politically indoctrinate children. Yet, the Climate Action Plan says that "the state will work through the Governor's P-20 Education Council and others to make sustainability curricula become standard … [Read more...]

Thank Our Troops and Veterans

On this coming Veterans Day weekend, be sure to thank the troops for what they're sacrificing for us. Go to America Supports You - and thanks to the NRSC for putting up a splash page that links to this tremendous site. After you send a note of thanks to our troops, remember to thank a veteran. They have given so much for our freedom. … [Read more...]

More on Ritter the Bag Man

Over at Politics West, Joshua has some astute insights into where Gov. Ritter's executive order unionizing state employees will lead, including: The right to strike as an individual is virtually meaningless. The right to strike as a part of a union, in order to gain benefits under collective bargaining, is significantly more powerful. If such a right exists by Colorado Supreme Court decisions, then it cannot be overturned or even limited by note in an executive order. Such a note amounts to little more than a plea for AFSCME not to strike, at least not now, when it would be embarassing. Especially if you can't confine it to the Friday evening news cycle. The union would be able to negotiate with the state government as a whole, or with … [Read more...]

Doug Bruce or Not Doug Bruce? What About Reginald Perry?

On Monday, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported a vacancy opening up in State House District 15, making way for a head-to-head matchup between Douglas Bruce and businessman Steve Hasbrouck (the "not Douglas Bruce" candidate). Bruce would throw a lot of red meat to the more libertarian-minded Republicans, and figures generally to stir up trouble. But I'd venture to say that's not mainly what many are looking for in a state representative. Nonetheless, I am hearing today that the race for vacancy committee support may be opening up into a four-way affair. Two other candidates have expressed interest in taking the plunge. One of the two is former school board candidate Reginald Perry, who previously had declined calls to run, citing his … [Read more...]