Colorado Democrat Partisanship

Michael at Best Destiny made a great catch today, courtesy of Captain Ed, about the more pronounced partisanship of Colorado's Democrat Congressional delegation. Almost 96 percent of the time, the quartet of Diana DeGette, Mark Udall, Ed Perlmutter, and John Salazar vote along with Nancy Pelosi. As Michael points out, Bob Schaffer needs to trumpet the notable statistic that Boulder liberal Udall has earned his moniker by voting party line 95.1 percent of the time. Put precisely, Udall is 95.1 percent Pelosi pure. Of course, liberal elite orthodoxy has tried to teach us that only Republicans can be "partisan." Voting with the Democrat agenda makes them "bipartisan." This implied double standard in the world of politics has been around … [Read more...]

Selective Phony Outrage of Colorado’s Left: Part CXXVII

The highly-paid propaganda organs of Colorado's Left make a living off incidents of phony selective outrage, such as the one repeated yesterday against Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer at one of their mouthpieces. Today's Denver Post clears up the matter pretty decisively, however. First, they picked the wrong subject to attack him on. Schaffer's personal integrity and principled stance on issues of parental choice and educational freedom are well-established. Further diminishing the credibility of those who attack him, they are firmly aligned with the status quo forces of the teachers union: Schaffer said there is no connection between his vote to support the charter school and Brennan's contribution. "I … [Read more...]

More Americans Taking Notice of Military Progress in Iraq

This week alone from Iraq, we see strong evidences of success in our fight against al-Qaeda (Sunni) and against the Iranian-backed Mahdi Army (Shi'a). Both developments provide encouraging news in our slow upward climb to victory. Also encouraging is that our fellow countrymen may be beginning to take notice. Results of respected national polls taken before this week's developments already show some noteworthy changes in American public opinion concerning Iraq. Far from the Left's loudly-touted "mandate" to the new Democratic Congress to get our troops out of there right now, only 20 percent of Americans favor this approach. Fifty-four percent believe immediate withdrawal would leave Iraq in worse shape, and 71 percent recognize that it … [Read more...]

Memo to Those Who Have Yet to Join the Digital TV World

Anyone like me, trapped in the dark ages of having a television set not equipped to receive digital signals, ought to read this (though with more than 18 months to go, it seems hardly the time to panic): On Feb. 18, 2009, tens of millions of televisions that are not equipped to receive digital signals will become useless pieces of furniture. The government is spending $5 million to let owners know so they can do something about it -- not enough, critics say. While the government has committed $1.5 billion for viewers to spend on converter boxes that will translate digital signals for older televisions, it is largely relying on the broadcast industry to spread the word about the changeover. The critics are wrong: It shouldn't be the … [Read more...]

Democrats Attempt to Deceive about Tax Hike Scheme

Earlier this year Colorado Democrats violated the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights by raising your taxes without asking your permission. Then, feeling a bit guilty perhaps, they are caught in a deceitful ad campaign to cover up their folly. Face the State observed the message coming on behalf of Senator Suzanne Williams, D-Aurora, but I've also seen the message coming on behalf of Senator Betty Boyd, D-Lakewood. The occasional reminders may seem repetitive, but I want to make sure more and more Coloradans clearly see the danger of having handed the purse strings of state government over to the Democrats. To drive the point home, please read from the following: - June 18: "Consequences of supporting a property tax increase" - June 6: … [Read more...]

How to Pay Teachers

An op-ed I penned for the Independence Institute about the misleading Colorado Education Association "Professional Pay" campaign has been published both by the Greeley Tribune and the Colorado Springs Business Journal. Please feel free to check it out and to remember: the debate should first be about HOW we pay teachers, not HOW MUCH. … [Read more...]

Visit Victory Caucus

Our republic needs more informed citizens, especially these days about our military operations in Iraq. Cut through the hype and the soundbites, and bookmark the new Victory Caucus website on your browser. Unlike in the MSM, you'll easily find facts not only on coalition casualties but on measures of political stability, sectarian violence, and weapons caches found. Moreover, you'll find links to the latest reports from independent journalists (like Michael Yon and Bill Roggio), key military bloggers (like Blackfive and Mudville Gazette), and official U.S. sources. That's only the beginning: you'll find reports from military commanders on the ground, interactive regional maps, reviews of relevant books, and user forums. Thanks to NZ … [Read more...]

Harsanyi Highlights Ritter’s High-Stakes Mismanagement

Just in case you missed it, you may wish to check out the latest example of high-stakes mismanagement from Colorado's Democratic Governor Bill Ritter: What are we to make of Gov. Bill Ritter's swift firing of Chris Olson, his original choice to head the Division of Emergency Management? The administration refuses to answer virtually any queries on the matter - which tells us plenty. Only a few short weeks ago, Ritter sent out a news release fawning over Olson's "commitment to emergency management, his longtime experience in public safety and service to the community ..." Yet, when The Post sounded the alarm regarding Olson's troubling history - including a domestic-violence call summoning police to his home, a civil-rights violation … [Read more...]

Hillman Debunks Sacred Text of Colorado Left

About a month ago, I highlighted the release of a liberal interest group's report that used selective and distorted statistics to argue that Colorado needs a huge tax increase. Predictably, local Lefty bloggers leaped to embrace the work with little appearance of critical hesitation. Then I wrote: My friends, the Left in Colorado is growing desperate and increasingly irrational. They blindly accept a report written by their ideological allies that shares their premises. Come to this site for a critical analysis of the report. And hopefully others will offer their critical analyses, as well. Then we may see a little bit more independent thinking taking place. Well, I've been slow to add my critical analysis. It is summertime, after all. … [Read more...]

More Horn Tooting

El Presidente is tooting his own horn, having climbed to the top of the most recent rankings of influential Colorado political blogs. The other horn noise you hear comes from a tailgating Mount Virtus, close on his bumper at #2. El Presidente won't be able to ease off the accelerator too much with such friendly competition. More interestingly, seven of the top 10 on the influence meter are right-leaning blog sites. I'm not sure if this fact says more about the nature or the quality of the political debate or more about the secret methodology used to create the rankings. Regardless, you as a reader are part of the success. Thanks for your continuing visits. … [Read more...]