Bennett’s Powerful Message: Bring Back American History

Read William Bennett's impassioned plea to teach kids the soul of American history once more, published today in National Review Online. I share Dr. Bennett's passion: So many young Americans today are truly deprived in this respect. Bennett explains: Many of our history books are either too tendentious — disseminating a one-sided, politically correct view of the history of the greatest nation that ever existed; or, worse, they are boring — providing a watered down, anemic version of a people who have fought wars at home and abroad for the purposes of liberty and equality, conquered deadly diseases, and placed men on the moon. And later: In his farewell address to the nation, the large-minded amateur historian President Ronald … [Read more...]

Be Gracious to the Left: Let Them Know the Weekend is Here

Readers of my blog, you may consider sending a sympathy card (or e-card) to SquareState's Luis and his Lefty friends. As he tells us, they've had a rough week. The immigration amnesty bill died (and still he blames Bush!), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against racial discrimination, and a Colorado court refused to overrule the parental consent requirement for minor abortions. Hey, look, in the rough-and-tumble world of politics and public policy, any of us can have a bad week from time to time. Last November was particularly unpleasant for those of us of a more conservative persuasion. So please consider, in the spirit of graciousness and magnanimity, letting a liberal near you know that the weekend is here and that next week is certain … [Read more...]

Dubious Anti-Right-to-Work Poll Fits Strategic Labor Agenda

Yesterday the Dead Governors touted the coincidentally-timed release of an April survey of Colorado voters showing alleged opposition to a right-to-work initiative at 56 percent to 36 percent support. Not surprisingly, Jason Bane and company appear to be carrying water for leaders in the union coalition, who are worried about having to spend money to defeat right-to-work and thus are trumping the dubious results of the RBI Strategies poll: Without including the words “Right to Work” in the ballot title or language, there is little support among Colorado voters for this potential initiative. Predictably, the opposition to the initiative is strong among Democrats (65% are against). However, even a majority of unaffiliated voters oppose … [Read more...]

Blogger Eyes on Washington: Moving Forward on Immigration

All eyes are on Washington this morning and the second cloture vote that seems increasingly likely to kill the bad "comprehensive immigration reform" bill. If Senators of both parties would listen to the mainstream people of this country from across the political spectrum, it seems they would hear this simple message: Give clear evidence that border security is being addressed as a top priority, and then we can debate other issues - how to deal with the illegal aliens already here, expanding the guest worker program, et al. The large majority of Americans who oppose the bill are not nativists or racists and don't wish to be patronized by elected officials - be they Democrat or Republican (that includes you, Sen. Lindsay Graham). The … [Read more...]

Please Read More Carefully, Cara

Lefty Cara DeGette at Colorado Confidential needs to read more carefully. Her recent diary on GOP State Chair Dick Wadhams' recent visit to Montana painfully stretches to draw a contrast between his remarks to a Republican group in Big Sky Country with those quoted Monday in the Denver Post. To make her "gotcha" point, she conflates two issues. In both venues, Wadhams made confident predictions for the Republican candidate to win Colorado's electoral votes and for Bob Schaffer to win Colorado's U.S. Senate race. The pessimism highlighted by the Post's Karen Crummy was that the GOP didn't expect to take back the Colorado state legislature until 2010, a topic he didn't address to the Montana audience. No hard feelings, just a quick … [Read more...]

Colo. Right-to-Work Initiative? Good Idea, but Unlikely Success

The Rocky Mountain News today reports that paperwork has been filed to place a right-to-work initiative on the Colorado ballot this year. The arguments against it are predictable: [Rep. Michael] Garcia [D-Aurora] said he would oppose efforts to weaken union shops. "Right-to-work laws benefit corporate executives with six-figure salaries, period," he said. "Unions are good for working men and women. "If passed, the right-to-work initiative would make all-union agreements in the state illegal." Garcia argued that the ballot proposal is unnecessary because federal law already prohibits workplaces from forcing workers to join a labor union as a condition of employment. Forcing workers to join, but not forcing workers to pay tribute, … [Read more...]

Push for Coercive Big Labor Bill Falters on Cloture Vote

No surprises here, but definitely good news. HR 800, also very poorly known as the Employee Free Choice Act, couldn't pass the cloture vote test today in the U.S. Senate. The final tally was 51-48, on a nearly strict party-line ballot. Only Arlen Specter jumped the Republican ship to join the Democrats' effort to reward union leaders with special privileges by denying workers the right to a secret ballot. Workers have the right to choose to join OR not to join a union, and they deserve to keep the right to a secret ballot to make that decision. To learn more, you can also listen to a new iVoices podcast I hosted with Ryan Ellis from Americans for Tax Reform (go here for a direct link to the MP3). The bill hasn't gone away forever, and … [Read more...]

Eyes Turning to Fred Thompson – Including Colorado Eyes

As the long race for the White House rolls on, many conservatives find themselves "all agog over Thompson," writes U.S. News and World Report's Kenneth Walsh. His candidacy not yet officially declared, the former U.S. Senator and recognizable actor finds himself at or near the top of most polls among the Republican field. Providing some of the best evidence that Fred Thompson may be the real deal, Politico reports that the Democratic National Committee is using attacks on him to generate fundraising more than a year before the Conventions confirm either party's nominee: Democratic strategists say Thompson's populist style and show-biz allure could prove extremely appealing in a general election at a time when voters are so down on … [Read more...]

Bullying Foes of “Free Choice”

This blog post and video from FreedomWorks are very revealing about the supporters of the so-called "Employee Free Choice Act" (H.R. 800). Then again, when is robbing workers of the secret ballot an act that favors "free choice"? Few bills debated by Congress have had such an Orwellian name. Amidst the intense interest in the immigration debate, the U.S. Senate votes tomorrow to close the debate on H.R. 800. While it appears highly unlikely that the threshold of 60 votes will be reached, it will be interesting to note who sides with common sense and worker privacy, and who sides to give privileges to special interest groups at the expense of an individual's power to choose. … [Read more...]