McInnis is Out

It's now official. I like the headline over at the Coloradoan: "McInnis abandons Senate race; 'all eyes' on Schaffer." That Schaffer would be the next focus makes sense and jives with the test poll results of Colorado Republican political insiders here at Mount Virtus. As of 9:00 PM MDT, with 48 votes cast, the rankings are: Bob Schaffer - 27 (56%); Bill Owens - 6 (13%); Tom Tancredo - 5 (10%); Scott McInnis - 3 (6%); Mike Coffman, Marc Holtzman, and Bob Beauprez - 2 each (4%); Dan Caplis - 1 (2%). Considering the fact that Owens and Tancredo are mostly wishful thinking, McInnis has bowed out, and Republicans will be reluctant to embrace either Holtzman or Beauprez after last year's divisive primary, I think the field is clear for … [Read more...]

Senator Spence: Charter School Champion

Senator Nancy Spence (R-Centennial) deserves Colorado's Charter School Champion Award. A few weeks ago she led the charge to flip a highly regulatory, anti-charter school bill upside down. Today, she got the School Finance Act amended to prevent charter school students from being shortchanged. Spence's nemesis in both cases has been Senator Sue Windels (D-Arvada). After winning Round Two, the state senate's Charter School Champion expressed her frustration: “Frankly, I’m getting sick and tired of these repeated attempts, bill after bill, year after year, to undermine charters,” Spence said. “Parents want them because their kids obviously aren't being served by traditional schools. After trying for years to reason with lawmakers … [Read more...]

When is a Tax Increase Not a Tax Increase?

How do you sell a tax increase as something other than a tax increase? These days Colorado Democrats are even having a hard time with it. Last week Governor Bill Ritter announced the unveiling of the cleverly-named "Colorado Children's Amendment," which somehow would do two things simultaneously: 1) Freeze scheduled property tax rate reductions, raising next year's tax bill for homeowners and business owners in many of the state's school districts - ostensibly to save the State Education Fund (created by Amendment 23 to finance only certain K-12 expenses). Of course, this is not an entirely new idea - one that has been shot down before because it violates TABOR by changing tax policy without a vote of the people, but it has been … [Read more...]

Who Should Replace Allard?

Please note the change in appearance on my site: I'd appreciate your vote in the straw poll to your right. Who do you think is the Republicans' best choice to run for U.S. Senate here in Colorado in 2008? And it's one vote per person (this is a Republican straw poll, after all). Your input is greatly appreciated. Update: Where's the poll, you may ask? Yes, I notice it's not there. Blame Blogpoll for its sudden disappearance. That's what you get for having a poll hosted outside your site. I hope it's just a brief technical glitch that will quickly be fixed, but if not, well, it was fun while it lasted. If the poll is there, please disregard the previous paragraph (obviously). … [Read more...]

McInnis Out?

It's not often I get into rumors here on this site, but a credible source tells me that Scott McInnis soon may announce that he is withdrawing his bid for the Republican nomination for Colorado's 2008 U.S. Senate election. If it's true, there's clearly a close connection with the story breaking this weekend that the National Republican Senatorial Committee is recruiting Attorney General John Suthers to run for the seat vacated by Wayne Allard. Seems like it might be about time to start a "Draft Bob Schaffer" campaign. But let's wait and see if there's any truth to the rumor first of all. … [Read more...]

March Madness: Big Government Style

As college basketball fever sweeps the land today (have you filled out your brackets yet?), let's not forget another type of March Madness: the ability of taxpayer-funded lobbyists to treat our elected officials to luxury box suites and high-priced seats at NCAA Tournament games. Check out, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity (HT: John Fund, Opinion Journal). By the way, how does this Final Four sound?: Florida, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Louisville. If you think I'm crazy, just remember what time of year it is. … [Read more...]

The Tax-and-Spend Ritter Chronicles: K-12 Education

Our Democrat Governor Bill Ritter announced today to Colorado homeowners: "No tax cut for you!" The Governor's plan is to freeze a scheduled cut in property tax rates so he can increase funding for K-12 education - already the richest, healthiest part of the state budget. The proposed funding increase (part of Senate Bill 199, this year's School Finance legislation) is primarily designed to create more full-day kindergarten and preschool slots. According to the reliable source of Colorado Senate News, Republican Senator Josh Penry correctly identified the move as a "tax increase," while Assistant Senate Minority Leader Nancy Spence rightly questioned the "one-size-fits-all approach" that trumps the Democrats' conveniently played "local … [Read more...]

Bill Ritter, AFL-CIO, and HB 1072: Deal Broken?

So today the AFL-CIO has officially threatened Governor Bill Ritter with throwing its weight around to move the Democratic National Convention from Denver, just because the Governor vetoed HB 1072. A bill Ritter once described as "not a big deal" is certainly much more than that to labor union leaders. Here is the statement in full: AFL-CIO Executive Council Statement March 8, 2007 Las Vegas, NV COLORADO’S WORKING FAMILIES For a decade, working families in Colorado have fought to build a stronger, more unified labor movement and create a more balanced political and economic environment – an environment responsive to working people’s needs and concerns. This extraordinary effort has produced significant progress and … [Read more...]

Report from Baghdad

While I work on investigating more carefully a couple of issues in the world of Colorado politics, I decided to take the easy road this morning and link to an article that will challenge the defeatists in this country to keep an open mind about events in Iraq. To add a little dose of perspective to your mainstream news intake, I recommend you read Notes from Baghdad, from yesterday's Opinion Journal. (HT: Conservative Grapevine) Now is not the time to pull the rug out from under our military operations - a la the Democrat leadership in Congress. Let's not be afraid to give success a chance. … [Read more...]