Voting Machine Issues Not Isolated to Denver

Complaints in Colorado about problems with voting machines are not isolated to Denver, despite the heavy media attention focused there. I’m hearing secondhand that complaints have been registered “across the state,” including more heavily Republican areas such as south Jeffco. Why then would the Colorado Democratic Party sue only to keep Denver’s polls open to 9 PM? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.

Any legally registered voter in line to vote at their proper polling location at 7 PM – no matter where across the state – has to be allowed to vote. Until we see enough evidence to compel us otherwise, the problems across the state have to be seen as manageable through current laws and procedures.

Regardless, no special preference should be given to voters in one part of the state over another. The judge should throw out the Democrats’ politically-motivated scheme and keep the rules in place. Why the courtroom maneuver? Could Ritter be in trouble? When the judge tosses out the frivolous suit, might some Dem leaders get on the stump and say they were robbed? Let’s hope the election aftermath stays cleaner than that.

Please remember as the controversy unfolds that the city and county of Denver is administered and run by Democrats. The new voting system in Denver has been heavily advertised and promoted to make sure the city’s largely Democratic voting population knows what to do. Heck, Mayor John Hickenlooper went on TV with ads telling people to get out and vote early.

For a stronger, more concise take, go to Thinking Right, where Jim is angry about the Election Day lawsuit.

And remember, the problems are not just being reported in Denver, which for obvious reasons is the most visible example of what has transpired.

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