Tigers Clinging, Can Claw Back

Have I been disappointed thus far by my Detroit Tigers‘ performance in the World Series? Yes. Now that they’re down 3-1 to St. Louis, have I given them up for dead? Certainly not.

This team has been counted out before, and it makes my day to see ESPN’s Gene Wojciechowski not only write off the Tigers’ chances as dead and buried but also spit on the fresh grave. Of course, Cardinals’ fans should be indignant, too, as his East Coast disdain for us flyover hicks shines through (nobody’s watching, because who could care without any teams from New York or Boston in the Fall Classic?):

To the tens of baseball fans who are watching the lowest-rated World Series in history, hang in there. It’s almost over.

Only nine innings and one more victory separate the St. Louis Cardinals from their first World Series championship since 1982 … and the Detroit Tigers from a long, painful offseason of watching Tom Emanski instructional fielding videos. And if the expected downpours take a breather, that championship could come as early as Friday evening.

Forget Polanco’s struggles. Forget “dirtgate.” Forget four fielding errors by pitchers. Forget playing Eckstein too shallow, or serving up a fat pitch to Albert Pujols. Forget the first four games.

Thanks for the bulletin board material, Mr. Wojciechowski. We’ll put it right next to the clips about the 1968 Tigers’ World Series comeback against the Cardinals.

We’ve got a long way to go, but the Series ain’t over yet.


  1. Kevin Bowden says

    It’s over.
    I say this with all the sadness of a born and bred Cubs fan.
    It’s over.
    Maybe next year – Cubs v. Tigers – 1945 Rematch!

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