The Scoop on Colorado’s 65 Percent Plan

Check out my latest for School Reform News on an upcoming Colorado ballot proposal to define how much public education money is spent “in the classroom.” (Also known as the “65 percent plan”)

If nothing else, it may be an interesting read based on the number of colorful quotes I was able to cite for the story, like this one from Ken DeLay, executive director of the Colorado Association of School Boards:

“We don’t have administrators so they can sit in hot tubs and feather their nests.”

Or this little “exchange” between Deborah Fallin, the spokesperson for the Colorado Education Association, and Tim Mooney, the executive director of First Class Education:

“It’s about educating people about the measure,” said Fallin. “We are confident that when school employees and the public understand what this proposal will and will not do for schools and students, they will reject it for what it is–a funding gimmick which will do nothing to improve student achievement.”

Mooney disagreed.

“Ask any teacher if $8,000 more in her classroom is a gimmick,” Mooney said. “They say, ‘I’ll take two, please.'”

You could say, “Why bother to read it?”, having already seen the most colorful passages, but those who long for context, the full scoop, or the need to humor me should go check it out.

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