See You at the Caucus

Colorado is one of the very best states for citizens to be active in the political process. If you live & are registered to vote in Colorado but haven’t participated in the caucus/assembly process before, there’s no time like 2006 to get started. The neighborhood caucuses are coming up next Tuesday, March 21 (most are at 7 PM). It’s a great chance to meet up with some of the neighbors, to learn more about the different candidates, to persuade and be persuaded about what issues are important, to choose who will represent you at the County Assembly (and often the State Assembly, too), and to vote on resolutions that will get discussed and refined at the county level, maybe even make it onto the state party platform.

So if you have a chance to go, don’t pass it up. If you are a registered Republican voter and want to know where your caucus is, go to the State Republican Party Web site and enter your last name, date of birth, house number, & ZIP code. You will find all you need to know right there. (The same information isn’t so easily accessible for the Colorado Democratic Party. All other parties are on your own….)

Show up at your caucus, meet your neighbors, make your voice heard. And urge your friends & loved ones to get involved, too. See YOU at the caucus!

“The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” – Plato


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