Salazar’s “Abomination”

Our junior United States Senator from Colorado, Ken Salazar – have the Left-liberal pressure groups inside the Beltway caused him to forget who he represents, or does he really feel this way? A key Salazar quote from today’s Rocky Mountain News:

“There are members of the U.S. Supreme Court that I very much disagree with. Clarence Thomas, for example, I think is an abomination when you contrast him to the leadership and principles of someone like Thurgood Marshall. I’ve been in front of the court and I know the justices.”

Think for a minute: When was the last time you heard a sitting Republican elected official call Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Stephen Breyer or John Paul Stevens an “abomination”? With rhetoric like that, they would be accused of kowtowing to right-wing Christian fundamentalists and creating an atmosphere of hate and intolerance. However, if you’re left-of-center and an elected Democrat, like Ken Salazar, you can preach to the Beltway choir about the “abomination” of a conservative black judge and scarcely bat an eye. But out here in Colorado, a few people will stand up and take notice. They already are…

Update: Despite all the organized attacks and less than balanced media coverage on Sam Alito, Rasmussen has released a poll showing 50% of Coloradans favor his nomination while 37% are opposed. Again, Senator Salazar is more in step with Left-wing Washington interest groups than the folks here at home.

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