Ritter’s Campaign Manager for Beauprez

Here’s a fun story totally ignored by Colorado’s favorite purveyors of the political grapevine (aka, The Dead Guvs), from the Rocky Mountain News: “Ritter Aide Backed Beauprez in 2004.”

[Bill Ritter’s campaign manager Greg] Kolomitz and his wife, Carla Lucero, both joined a group named Democrats for Beauprez. The congressman was facing Democrat Dave Thomas as Beauprez sought a second term in Congress.

“He’s a good guy and so we decided to support him,” said Kolomitz.

At the time, Kolomitz was president of CRL Associates, a Denver lobbying firm known for its clout at city hall.

He says Maria Garcia Berry, the CEO of the firm and a prominent Republican, asked him to join the group supporting Beauprez.

“Politics is all about relationships and Maria was a big Beauprez supporter,” said Kolomitz. “She asked me if I would support him and I said yes.”

Kolomitz said he made a contribution to Beauprez’s campaign and made a few phone calls on his behalf, but that was the extent of his involvement.


Kolomitz says he didn’t realize how conservative Beauprez’s record was when he endorsed him.

“If I had known what his record was then, I probably wouldn’t have done it,” he said.

A Democrat lobbyist active in politics who decided to lend his name to support Beauprez without any idea what his voting record or philosophy is? Hmmm. Color me skeptical. Is it a case of carelessness? Politically mercenary tendencies? Naivete?

The Dead Guvs’ silence on this chuckle-worthy little political gotcha story is noteworthy. No catchy response? Too bad. If the story were about a high-ranking Republican campaign manager who had recently supported the Democrat opponent, you can just about guarantee that their clever wits would have thoroughly played it up by now.

Oh, well, it won’t ruin our fun here. There will be plenty of time to make hay with this story over the coming months.

(HT: Beauprez for Governor blog)

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