Ray Nagin, meet Pat Robertson

People who confidently presume to know the mind of God in major world events have always unsettled me. Often I think they must not be reading the same inspired Scriptures that I do. About 10 days ago I took Rev. Pat Robertson to task for his remarks about Ariel Sharon: both presumptuous and inappropriate.

Yesterday, New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin got in on the act, with his claims that the hurricane that struck his city and the Gulf Coast region was some kind of retribution for the Iraq war. At least Robertson’s claim had some loose connection to actual Old Testament prophecy. Nagin went even farther out on a limb, appropriating Divine purposes to suit his views on American foreign policy.

Yet I can guarantee the outcry and response from the MSM will be much less this time, in part because it doesn’t fit the meme for people on the Left to be branded “religious fanatics.” That, and they’re focused on Nagin’s foot-in-mouth observations about “chocolate” on Martin Luther King Day.

More true humility is what is needed – and that includes me.

Hat Tip: LaShawn Barber

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