Pot Stirring in Senate District 22

Almost two weeks after I first highlighted Kiki Traylor’s contribution from the teachers union – and her clarifying remarks a few days later – the Rocky Mountain News reported on a legal complaint filed via a friend of her opponent Mike Kopp. (HT: ToTheRight.org, Colorado’s newest conservative blogging voice.) The News story indicates that the candidate followed my advice:

Traylor said she didn’t report the $1,000 check because she had torn it up.

Inquiring conservatives want to keep an eye on Traylor’s campaign funding after the primary, but this inquiring conservative prefers not to see her candidacy continue after the primary. So let’s leave it a hypothetical. Any candidate who draws enough favorable interest from CEA to merit the offer of a campaign contribution also merits my skepticism.

Meanwhile, the other Republican in the mix – Justin Everett (Full disclosure: whom I support) – sent out a press release attacking Kopp’s preferred choice of tactics:

“Mike is at it again, he prefers to drag fellow Republicans to court versus taking on these in a public forum. Unfortunately, Mike skipped the only debate between the 3 candidates after we all earned a spot on the ballot.” said Justin Everett.

“This is an issue and a problem to be solved through public civil discourse, not through the judicial system. Is this a preview of the type of legislator Mike would be if elected? If elected, will Mike be using the courts to constantly harass his fellow Republicans or anyone else solely for short-term political gain?”

Kopp’s earlier legal complaint was filed in January, alleging that a vacancy committee established to pick a successor to retiring Senator Norma Anderson was handled improperly.

The primary election is in 17 days. Or couldn’t you tell it was right around the corner?


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