Ouch: Bad Day for Holtzman

Two breaking news stories this afternoon for a quick read:

Associated Press, “Colorado Candidate Fined for Illegal Ads”

Rocky Mountain News, “Holtzman Not on Ballot”

For Marc Holtzman, this would have to qualify for the classic definition of “bad day.”

The latter article suggests a serious disagreement about the judgment that the gubernatorial candidate didn’t have enough signatuers on his petitions to qualify him for the November election. While he turned in 21,000 signatures (expecting a certain margin of invalid markings, of course), keep in mind that candidates for statewide office have to gather 1,500 Republican registered voter signatures from each Congressional district, and the Denver Democrat stronghold of the 1st CD might have done Holtzman in. We may have to wait for the post mortem for more details.

Although with an apparent appeal in the works – compliments of an anti-TABOR, pro-union Democrat lawyer – (and failing that, dare one imagine an against-all-odds write-in campaign?), this saga ain’t over yet.

Update, 8:34 PM: A press release from the Beauprez campaign responds to the news:

DENVER, CO – Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez today made the following statement in response to the notice of insufficiency given to the Holtzman campaign by the Colorado Secretary of State:

“Marc has run a spirited campaign and I have appreciated his contribution to the debate,” said Beauprez. “I look forward to working with Marc to ensure a united Republican Party and a victory this fall.”

“I’m gratified and excited to be the Republican nominee and we’re looking forward to a positive, issue-based campaign with our Democrat opponent in this race,” concluded Beauprez.

Update II, 9:55 PM Joshua also has some remarks on the matter.

What is needed is a strong, clear, well-articulated, and definite statement from the Secretary of State’s office to explain just where and how Holtzman fell short of the ballot. If they don’t have the justification to make such a statement, the Republican underdog may have a legitimate case. If the Secretary of State has a clear and strong case but doesn’t articulate or explain it well as soon as possible, it will only feed into the discord and talk of conspiracy. That’s what I’ll be looking for in tomorrow’s news reports.


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