Results from Jeffco GOP Assembly

I just returned from the Jefferson County Republican Assembly, and have some interesting developments to report for the political insiders. The following candidates made it onto the primary ballot:

State Senate
SD 20 – Dick Sargent was recruited at the last minute to challenge Moe Keller.
SD 21 – Rep. Matt Knoedler announced his candidacy today and won the only spot on the ballot, beating out former Rep. Penn Pfiffner.
SD 22 – In a four-way race, only three candidates pursued a ballot spot through the Assembly. Mike Kopp was the only candidate to win a spot on the ballot. Justin Everett bypassed the process and will petition on. Rumors suggest that current Senator Kiki Traylor, who was appointed by a vacancy committee to replace retiring Senator Norma Anderson, will also seek to petition onto the ballot.

State House
HD 22 – In Knoedler’s absence, the decision to select a candidate was recessed.
HD 23 – Pat Holloway edged former Rep. Ramey Johnson for top line on the ballot in a contested primary.
HD 24 – Once again, no Republican challenger for Rep. Cheri Jahn.
HD 25 – Rep. Rob Witwer, appointed to fill his dad’s seat, won unanimous support to get on the ballot.
HD 26 – Glenn Rhoades will be the Republican candidate.
HD 27 – Rep. Bill Crane was selected by acclimation.
HD 28 – Rep. Jim Kerr fended off a challenge from Michael Rooney, who has announced his intention to petition onto the ballot.
HD 29 – Affie Ellis, her speech one of the Assembly’s highlights, will be the Republican candidate and will have a decent shot to unseat incumbent Rep. Debbie Benefield.

Jefferson County Offices
Clerk & Recorder – Pam Anderson
Treasurer – Current Clerk Faye Griffin edged her way onto the ballot for a primary challenge of incumbent Treasurer Mark Paschall; Griffin netted 220 votes, just above the 30% mark of 218
Sheriff – Ted Mink
Assessor – Jim Everson
Surveyor – Diana Askew
Coroner – Dr. Richard Dial

Just a little bit of an insider’s scoop….

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