Of Coloradans, Michiganders, and Hoosiers

Driving in the car this evening, the conversation somehow turned to what the recognized names are for residents of different states. As my wife and I talked through the list, some were easy: Californians, Texans, Coloradans. But a few stumped me. I have to admit … Connecticut? Utah? Wyoming? What do these people call themselves?

Those of us born and reared in the Great Lakes State know that the proper and unique term to reflect our grand marine heritage is Michigander. What other state adds -der to the end? Nope, none of ’em. We’re proud of that … and of our 11,037 inland lakes.

For the almost official list, I found this handy page from a Web site called “The Morning News.” It even seeks to find geographical correlations by posting a color-coded map of the United States based on inhabitants’ self-described terms. For those who joined me in wonderment over some of the states I mentioned above, the official designations respectively are Connecticuters, Utahans, and Wyomingites.

PS to the people at “The Morning News”: Yes, Indiana natives really do prefer the term “Hoosiers.”

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