Monday: Personal Political Pessimism

I feel entitled to be politically pessimistic today. While Joshua opines on President Bush as LBJ, Clay traffics in crass, baseless, ad hominem attacks … against a fellow Republican. And these are my Rocky Mountain Alliance friends!

I appreciate Joshua’s attempt at discourse. The concerns he addresses demonstrate historical perspective and insight. And they raise at least one issue about Bush’s low poll numbers I have not often heard discussed: that they represent disaffection among some conservatives more than a general Left-ward tilt of the voting populace. I will give more thought to Joshua’s analogy before commenting directly on it.

As for Clay, I’m left to believe that his reposting of the absurd, innuendo-laced cartoon without comment represents tacit approval, which disappoints me. Many readers know I am a Holtzman supporter but that I have repeatedly steered clear of “bashing” Bob Beauprez. Why? First, because I have not only met but also genuinely respect and admire both candidates; second, because whoever wins the primary will be the Republican candidate for governor and will be much preferred to the Democratic opposition. Perhaps Clay and his clever Sampson’s Ghost friend are afraid that Holtzman’s candidacy is more viable than anyone had anticipated.

Don’t let my personal political pessimism (say that five times fast!) be confused for distress about any particular candidate’s progress or success, but rather recognition of a general trendline that I feel doesn’t bode well for Republicans in Colorado or nationwide in 2006 or 2008. It hurts all the more, because it seems so within reach for the party’s leadership to get its act together. Let’s just hope I’m wrong.

Editor’s Note: I also sincerely hope I haven’t inadvertently raised the collective paranoia of the ProgressNow propagandists by confusing them with messages that on the surface indicate not only dissatisfaction with the current administration’s course but also internal discontents among the local band of center-right bloggers. WE all know this and other key RMA posts are part of Karl Rove’s latest designs, but good luck trying to decode their secrets in time…. Hee, hee, hee!

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