Littwin Joins “Dump Hanna” Chorus

The notable Rocky Mountain News center-left political columnist Mike Littwin has joined the chorus of those calling for disgraced Democrat State Senator (and alleged extortion artist) Deanna Hanna to resign from her Lakewood seat:

She can resign now. Or she can resign later.

But, one way or the other, she has to go. The typewriting is on the wall – and it’s as clear as an extortion note written in bright red crayon.

It’s one thing to survive a political embarrassment. I mean, it could have been worse: She could have shot someone.

But it’s another to survive when you’ve become a major political liability for your party.

The Senate Democrats I’ve talked to are more than prepared to dump her. The question is whether Hanna is ready to be the dumpee.

According to the logic of some, Hanna’s resignation could be considered a “big public relations hit,” as if the damage hasn’t already been done. Yet while insiders have whispered to their favorites in the media surrounding the controversy, not much has been heard from the public – especially Hanna’s Jefferson County constituents.

I think I may agree with Mike Littwin on this one.

Update: Senator Hanna has announced she is resigning from her seat… in about two weeks. How eerie the ways of the universe when I not only find myself on the same side as Littwin and Progress Now, but that we all end up being right. Hanna – like Stengel – has chosen to do the right thing after getting caught doing the wrong thing.

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