Kiki Traylor Responds

My observations on the CEA contribution to Kiki Traylor have stirred some attention through the grapevine. As a result, I fielded a phone call this afternoon from Senator Traylor with a very clear message: she does indeed support vouchers for low-income students, like the Opportunity Contract Scholarship Program that Senator Spence sponsored, Governor Owens signed, and the Supreme Court narrowly ruled unconstitutional. Furthermore, Senator Traylor said she made that fact clear in her interview with CEA.

Even though she said they don’t like her position on the issue, Senator Traylor surmised that CEA may have contributed to her campaign because of her hard work, her integrity, her independent intellect, or because they just figure she is going to win the contested primary and general election this year. I don’t know: only a union official ultimately can explain the rationale behind the $1,000 contribution.

With the new information, my opinion remains unchanged: she would be better suited to return the contribution – for whatever my advice is worth.

I like to be open. I don’t hide the fact that I am a friend and supporter of Senator Traylor’s primary opponent Justin Everett, but I strive to be fair and accurate in the facts I report and to distinguish the facts from my personal opinions and analyses.

The readers can judge for themselves.


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    She did say she is only comfortable supporting vouchers for low-income families. I didn’t ask her your follow-up question.

    I hope you’re wrong, too. What if Kiki wins and Justin finishes second? It could happen. Realistically, I have no idea what is going to happen at this point. But the fact Kiki has been raising much more $$ should at least be a cause for concern for the other two candidates.

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    Thanks for your comments, #3. As you will see, I updated my blog with the news about her tearing up the check.

    My support is with Justin because he does understand the issues, has conservative principles, political experience, is a native of the district, works hard, has good values, etc.

    Would Kiki be an improvement over her predecessor? Probably. But why compromise in a safe Republican district? You wonder why our party never gets anywhere…. The party’s so-called “moderate” faction can be at least as divisive at times as the feared right-wingers.

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