Immigration Reform: Commonsense vs. Nonsense

Former State Senate President John Andrews is leading the charge for state-level illegal immigration reform. Yesterday he cited an authoritative study that conservatively estimates the cost of illegal immigration to Colorado taxpayers exceeds a billion dollars a year. This issue will be at the forefront of the 2006 elections, and the bipartisan team of Andrews and former Governor Dick Lamm has brought forward a commonsense proposal called Defend Colorado Now: “to end non-emergency, non-federally-mandated taxpaid services to illegal aliens.”

Meanwhile, in a weak effort to vent their Left-wing displeasure with this commonsense reform idea, the clever propagandists over at ProgressNow are urging their supporters to sign an online petition. Never mind that they seem to have no answers or positive ideas on how to address the issue of immigration, or even to admit that a problem exists … very “mainstream.” Instead, they take the opportunity to set up Tancredo as the bogeyman for Defend Colorado Now and show a newfound interest in tort reform. Somehow, I think they might be disappointing their trial lawyer friends with this nonsense stance.

Update: Jonathan vividly highlights the big problem with the recent pro-illegal rallies (via Michelle Malkin). It’s more than nonsense… it’s dangerous, and if properly advertised, will expose the center of American political life to their agenda, one that will be roundly opposed.

Highlighting the true motivation of the pro-illegal marchers … Courtesy of Mangled Cat


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    Oh, by the way, Alan, the real world is still waiting for some sort of policy solution to immigration. You know, like specifics?

    – What should be done about border security?
    – What parameters should surround a guest worker program? How should it be operated?
    – Should any limits be placed on the number of immigrants?
    – Why should lawbreakers who don’t pay taxes receive all the non-emergency benefits of government services?
    – What should be done to promote & ensure greater assimilation of immigrant groups, as was done with previous generations of immigrants?
    – How can legal immigration of those who come here to work be promoted without sacrificing important concerns of security?
    – What should be done to resident aliens who break other laws and commit felonies?
    – What do you think of the new proposed State Law to increase the punishment on those who provide false identification to illegal immigrants?
    – Etc, etc, etc …

    But then again, maybe there’s only enough time to sniff out and expose “low-fact hackery” for one of its most experienced purveyors.


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